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Ok, so you’re going to Maui, you are visiting Maui, or you live on Maui. Where’s the cool place to go on the West Side where you can get good food, watch your favorite game, or do shots from the bar with your hands behind your back? Well we don’t exactly promote the last one but hey, what happens in Maui stays in Maui, right?
Dollies Pizza Maui
And if you shouted out “Dollies!” then you have obviously been here before! Let’s just set aside the fact we have the best pizza on the island. With 15 TV’s, including two big screen plasma TV’s, two happy hours every day, and a satellite dish (we got the music you want to hear!), Dollies Pub and Cafe is the most popular dining and entertainment spot north of Lahaina town for visitors and locals alike. Let me guess…you’ve been biting your nails, just WAITING for Monday Night Football to start. Well ready, set…..GO!!! Dollies is the place to be, no matter who it is, we’ve got every game during football season on fifteen, that’s right I said fifteen satellite TV’s! So no matter who your team is, they are playing at Dollies. How about your other sports…Soccer? NHL? Synchronized swimming??? Uh, we don’t show synchronized swimming. But if it’s any other sport, we’ve got your team!!!

Where the Locals Hang Out

A Maui tradition since 1983. We still individually hand press our pizza and cook it in our stone ovens. It takes a little longer, but you’ll agree it’s worth it! So sit back, relax and let our friendly staff make you feel at home.


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St. Patty’s 2016

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St. Patty’s 2017

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